For years, TV fans knew Dylan McDermott as the conflicted star of the hit legal drama The Practice. Now, Dylan has traded law for order in the TNT series Dark Blue, produced by CSI's Jerry Bruckheimer.

Dylan opens up about his character Carter Shaw, a complex man who leads a team of undercover police officers in Los Angeles. Plus, how real police officers helped him prepare.
Kari Forsee: What sets Dark Blue apart from other cop shows on TV?

Dylan McDermott: I think that being on cable, you get more freedom certainly with cop shows. This concentrates on the darker aspects of police work and the darker aspects of these characters. I think on network television, you could never get away with the stuff that we are. But this is a Jerry Bruckheimer show with TNT, and I think that you're going to get entertainment value being a Jerry Bruckheimer show, but also, you're going to get great characters—that's not something you always get on network television is character.

I think that's why cable is thriving. You get to have these great characters you would never get on network, and I think that audiences are fascinated by characters. You get good stories, so you get a contained episode with a crime every week, you get great character and you get a great story.


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