RB: It does look like so much fun! There aren't many places where you can just hit someone and be that tough and let that side of you out, so it certainly looks appealing.

DB: That's exactly how we felt doing it. We'd pump the music or we'd face the fear and everyone would be like, "Way to go!" And if something weird happened in your life it was like, "This is so perfect to get out my aggression." So if you're thinking, "I'm not a really physical person and I'm a little bit awkward and sort of uncoordinated," and then get out there and jump over a girl on roller skates, it's like, "Uh, okay, I feel good!" Or, like with my character, I always wanted to be a hippie with anger issues and be the one who would go and sucker punch somebody if they made me mad. I don't get to do that in real life, but I did here and it was fun. It's not healthy, but I like it.

RB: Well, maybe not healthy for every day, but if you harness it in that environment..

DB: Exactly. It's an alter ego. It's not necessarily who you are in your everyday life, but it's someone you have inside of you waiting to come out and that's great.

RB: So why did you want to play Smashley Simpson?

DB: For just that reason. I'm always really nice, and if people step on my foot I tend to be like, "Oh I'm sorry!" as if I was in their way, and I just felt like, you know: "Gosh, I'm so tired of apologizing. I want to be this tough, fun girl who's a total oxymoron." She's all peace and mellow, a hippie, and then gets in that derby rink and goes ballistic on these people. The comedy of that was really funny to me as well, as I have completely wanted to be that girl. It's like Simon on American Idol. Sometimes I just want to say that crazy thing, but I hold back, and then when I watch him I'm like: "Thank you! I love that!" Sometimes he's just mean but sometimes it's funny, and I'm not like that, I'm too nice. Also, though, I didn't want to be that director who was just like: "Go do it: I know its really hard and scary and terrifying and defies every logic in your brain, but do it and I'll just stand here and watch." People respect you more or as a leader if you throw yourself into the difficult stuff too. You trust each other more and it's a "We're all in this together" kind of feeling.


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