Diane Warren has written the soundtrack of our lives for the past 25 years. Now, she's bringing life to her timeless classics.
Her romantic singing duo, Due Voci, recently released its self-titled debut album, which features the voices of Kelly Levesque and Tyler Hamilton and gives Diane's pop hits a classical twist.

"For the album, we chose some of my favorite loves songs, like 'Unbreak My Heart,' 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' and 'Because You Loved Me,'" Diane says. "I also wrote 'Time Stands Still' specifically for Due Voci. I'm really excited."

Diane recalls the inspiration for forming Due Voci: "I was sitting in a restaurant, and I heard a version of 'Hey Jude' sung like an aria. I thought, 'What if you took some of my songs and gave them classical arrangements?' First I thought I'd do duets with a bunch of different artists. But the licensing for that was too difficult. Then I thought about what Simon Cowell did with Il Divo, doing a search and creating a group from scratch. Why not develop a duo the same way? What is more romantic than a duo? It evolved from straight classical to classical pop."

Finding the right singers was no easy task—the search was on to find voices that could fit both pop and classical.

"I went through so many singers," Diane says. "Kelly Levesque was perfect; I'd known her for years. Finding the guy was hard—to find someone who's cute and also a great singer is tough. Then, David Foster called and said, 'You have to check this guy out.' Tyler Hamilton walked in. He's gorgeous, and he can sing great. Women go crazy for him. He was a diamond in the rough. He has that 'thing'—that special thing that makes you work 28 hours a day because you want something so badly. I had him meet Kelly. You never know if there's going to be chemistry or not, but it was instant between them. They lift each other's game."

The PBS special Diane Warren: Love Songs is now airing, capturing the artists who first recorded some of Diane's greatest songs—including Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan and LeAnn Rimes—and Diane is currently working with Akon and Jay Sean on new songs.


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