After his divorce from Denise, Charlie also moved on to a new relationship. In May 2008, he married Brooke Mueller, and they had twin boys a year later. Their marriage was in the spotlight again when, on Christmas morning, Brooke called 911 saying that Charlie had threatened her with a knife.

Charlie denies he used a knife to threaten his wife. He is due to appear in court in February. Brooke's attorney, Yale Galanter, said in a statement that "[Charlie and Brooke] want to try and resolve their issues."

Denise says she heard from Charlie on Christmas Day, when he called from jail to wish his daughters a merry Christmas. "I thought it was odd that he was calling collect, and he said: 'Yeah, they won't let me use my cell phone here. I'm in jail,'" Denise says. "He told me that he and Brooke had gotten into a fight and she called the cops."

When Denise first learned that Charlie was remarrying, she says she hoped his new relationship would be different from their marriage. "She was going to be, and is, my daughter's stepmom. So I want that to be a healthy marriage," she says. "That helps everyone."


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