Denise says she and Charlie recently called a truce and are in a good place, but it's time for her to publicly speak her piece. "At the time of going through my divorce, I really tried to take the high road," she says. "Now I've distanced myself. Charlie and I are in a great place now, and I think now is a good time to reflect."

When Denise filed for divorce, she claimed she was doing so because she could no longer accept what she called Charlie's abusive and threatening manner. "There was a lot of verbal abuse," Denise says. "He never hit me; it was a lot of verbal. Arguments got heated. That scared me."

There were moments when Denise was so frightened that she says she filed a restraining order. "I was terrified to file because [it] was going to be public, and I was scared of the outcome and the consequences of that," she says.

Charlie has repeatedly denied Denise Richards's allegations, including her accusations of abuse.


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