Before actress Denise Richards was a Bond Girl, she was the Midwestern girl-next-door voted best looking in her high school yearbook. But she set her sights on Hollywood shortly after graduation, and it took no time at all for Tinseltown to take notice.

Her big break came with a starring role in The World Is Not Enough, but Denise catapulted to superstardom when she caught the eye of A-lister Charlie Sheen. He had a reputation as a bad-boy womanizer, but that didn't stop the couple from marrying in 2002. They were red carpet regulars and made headlines when their first baby was born in 2004.

But only a year later, when Denise was six months pregnant with their second daughter, she abruptly filed for divorce. It marked the beginning of what has been called the nastiest divorce and custody battle in Hollywood history. From accusations of drugs, prostitutes and pornography, to suggestions that Denise stole her best friend's husband, the battle raged on for more than four years.


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