Q: This might not be a "favorite thing," but what's the best advice you've ever given your kids?   

A: My wife and I just try to tell them like, "Put on your boots," "Wear your jacket". But, never drive drunk. I can't say that often enough to my kids. Everyone's got skeletons in their closet, and I've got a million in mine, believe me. I tested the envelope; I pushed it. Whenever somebody in authority told me not to do something, I did it just to find out why they said not to do it. But I never drove drunk. I never drove even after two sips of beer. It's just one of those things I grew up with. To us, that's one of the five important things you can say to them, especially as teenagers. You know don't get in a car with anybody who's had a drink, and don't get in a car yourself if you've had anything to drink. That's just a staple.

Denis Leary talks about Rescue Me  


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