Tell us about your comedy tour.   

A: We realized they wanted us to do a 10- to 12-city press tour live to help rejuvenate the interest in [Rescue Me] having been off the air for so long. That's a long time to just be out there talking, and I realized that two other actors on the show—Adam Ferrara and Lenny Clarke—are also stand-up comedians, and that's where the idea hatched. Instead of just going out and talking about ourselves, we could actually make a tour out of it. And we have clip packages where we show clips from the upcoming season, and I could raise some money for my charity. ... We have my band The Enablers. Everybody on the show basically is connected to Rescue Me, so it's interesting to watch the crowd react to the clip packages and then they see the people they see on the show live on the stage. ... I guess we're like circus people at this point.  


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