KF: Whatever happened to Kyle, the young dancer who came on The Oprah Show and received a scholarship to your dance academy? What's he doing now?

DA: He's been at my school all these years, starring in my new show.

KF: Is that OMAN...O Man?

DA: Yes. We did it in Washington, D.C., and Mrs. Obama saw it and thought it was the best thing she'd ever seen...that every young person in America needed to see it.

KF: Tell us what this dance musical is all about.

DA: It is about Muslim and Christian culture, told through the eyes of two young boys who happen to meet in an international military school and the differences in those cultures, as well as how much they are alike. And, at the end of the day, why they should be best friends. We examine the culture, we examine the world, the geography of the dessert—I make it come alive. The sand dunes are alive. The sun is alive. I bring it alive in dance.

KF: Is OMAN...O Man! being staged in Los Angeles?

DA: It's going to open in Royce Hall in Los Angeles on December 10. It's a huge undertaking for us.

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