kelly clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson
"Alone," by Heart

"Who doesn't love a power ballad? And Heart plus vodka equals a guaranteed good time."
rachel maddo

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Rachel Maddow
"What'd I Say," by Ray Charles

"This is my favorite song, but it's the worst karaoke choice.

The lyrics at the end are the musical equivalent of Sally faking an orgasm at the deli in When Harry Met Sally...."

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"I'll Be There," by the Jackson 5

"It's a classic record, and when it comes to karaoke, I can't help singing the s*** out of it."
megan hilty

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Megan Hilty
"Material Girl," by Madonna

"It's cute and upbeat. Plus, nobody wants to hear a singer actually sing; it's more fun to just belt out a song."
gabby douglas

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Gabrielle Douglas
"Eye of the Tiger," by Survivor

"Yes, it's a typical sports song, but it brings back memories of family karaoke nights with my siblings. And who doesn't love Rocky?"

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