Cultural differences also find their way onto the big screen.
"For example, boy meets girl, they fall in love, they want to express their love for each other. So in the West, they would kiss, and they're in love. In India, we have a song," Abhi says. "You have this intimate moment, and suddenly—snap, cut—you're in the mountains singing and dancing!"

"It's so much fun," Ash says.

Hollywood and Bollywood also operate on different production schedules. Most American actors make one or two films a year, while Bollywood stars appear in five or six movies a year. "We're both working on, I think, four films currently," Abhi says. "So we're always busy."

When they do have a moment to themselves, Ash and Abhi don't travel to exotic locations or hit Mumbai's hottest clubs. Instead, they spend time at home. "It's just normal time," Ash says. "We like to hang at home, really spend time with each other, with family and friends."


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