Many successful bands like the Smashing Pumpkins are getting out of their major label deals and opting for new ways of distributing music. Corgan says the upside is flexibility and autonomy, but he confesses: "You can drive yourself mad with choices. I'm a man without a country...but I'm not attached to a system that I don't belong to and that I'm not valued at."

To date, there is no substantial new model to release an album outside the system and score big at radio. However, thanks to the Internet, Corgan points out, bands can really hit their niche and take changes again. "It's time to create a new system, but I don't know what that is yet."

Corgan says he's now in his third decade of public life, and the world has transformed itself into a tabloid culture. "For spirituality, as an artist, we can't look to rock 'n' roll anymore."

So he has turned to his music and his blog. His latest entry at Everything from Here to There states: "Being kind to yourself is one of the most revolutionary, anti-establishment things that you can do—that is, if you are included to not live life as if programmed to be somebody else's robot."


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