Q: Why did your agent think it was so important that you take advantage of this opportunity?

A: Well, I'm an old broad. At my age to be invited to do a show as current and choice as Saturday Night Live, he thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a different direction. I said I'd rather watch it than do it, and he said no, no, no. So I trust his judgment. He's done a wonderful job for me. So here I am, going to do it and scared to death.

Q: What you're most nervous about?

A: The fact that I understand you work from cue cards, and I never have been able to work from cue cards. I memorize everything or ad lib. I know with the changing scripts, it changes as you speak, but with cue cards, I hope I don't have to wear my glasses. I hope the print is big enough. If it isn't, I'll do the show with my glasses.

Q: What do you think [of] your appeal with such a young audience, people that maybe weren't even born when Golden Girls was still on the air?

A: Well, the amazing thing is—and the same is true of the Mary Tyler Moore Show—some of the kids grew up with me, but their parents also grew up with me, and in many cases, their grandparents grew up with me. I've just sort of been around, you know, as a fixture. When I do a book signing or anything like that, the kids come up and they weren't born when Mary Tyler Moore came on. And now as you say, even when Golden Girls was on the air they hadn't been born yet. But that's what comes of good writing. That's what keeps bringing them back and makes them work for any generation because it's funny.


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