Photo: Donna Alberico

It's been well documented in this space that Oprah's tastes are more slipper than stiletto—especially when she has to scale a 12-foot ladder and hold a letter O half her height. So it was no surprise that she donned comfy Tory Burch flats to climb to her perch (fittingly accompanied by Beyoncé's "Love on Top"). Near the summit, she closed her eyes for a few moments of zen before the cameras started clicking. "Oprah, are you still in the building?" asked Gayle King. She most certainly was. "Turn up the fan," Oprah instructed the photo crew. "It's getting hot up here!"

Stair Master

Fashion editor Jenny Capitain offers a helping hand as Oprah climbs.

Photo: Donna Alberico

Just Breathe
Oprah takes a moment to meditate before shooting.

Photo: Donna Alberico

It's O Time!
Oprah, with crew members looking on, makes her balancing act look easy—though a padded mat offers a little extra peace of mind.

Photo: Donna Alberico/Harpo Inc/George Burns

Double Duty
Though this Christian Siriano dress (seen here on Oprah's stand-in, Tricia Campbell) was originally intended for the cover, Oprah liked it so much, she nabbed it for the Newark, New Jersey, stop of The Life You Want tour.

Photo: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Twinkle Toes
Flats can be every bit as dressy as heels, so don't think twice about wearing them to a party. The key is to choose a pair with eye-catching embellishment or a bold pattern. And of course, fancy flats can spiff up daytime outfits, too.

(From top to bottom)1. $40; 2. Paul Andrew, $595; for similar styles. 3. Nine West, $60; 4. $349; 5. Ivanka Trump, $135; 6. SJP, $285; 7. $295;