Oprah with Fergie and will.i.am  24 Moments from Oprah's Kickoff Party
It was an evening to remember. The setup, the crowds, the performers...and the history-making dance! See photos of the Black Eyed Peas, Criss Angel, Jennifer Hudson, James Taylor and Rascal Flatts.

Jennifer Hudson  Jennifer Hudson Watch  
Chicago's hometown girl on what it was like to perform in front of 21,000 screaming fans, the elements of the perfect party and the musicians she'd wait in line to see. Go backstage with this award-winning artist!

Rascal Flatts  Rascal Flatts Watch  
Our cameras follow country trio Rascal Flatts into their greenroom for an exclusive interview! What they think makes a great party. Plus, the musicians they'd love to work with and how they stay entertained on the road.

Rascal FlattsCriss Angel Watch
Before he wows the Oprah's audience with a mind trick, Criss Angel opens up about his magical beginnings, his favorite type of illusions and the tricks behind his trade. Does he get nervous in front of a crowd of 21,000?

Backstage with the Black Eyed Peas


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