JP: Last question: If you guys could play a private show for any five people, living or dead, who would be in the audience?

Nick: I would like to hear Kevin's answer.

Brian: I would play a private show for Nick and Howie and A.J and Kevin.

Kevin: We get to see a private show?


All: No, play a private show.

JP: For anybody in the audience.

Nick: We just did it for Oprah!

Kevin: I would like to do it for my father and my grandfather, Papa and Dad, who've passed on. That would be awesome. Dad never got to see me perform with the guys. That would be really cool.

Howie: Pope John Paul. We had a chance to meet him, but a couple of the guys decided it was too early in the morning to get up. I would have liked to perform in front of the Pope.

Kevin: Wait, we could have met [the Pope] but it had to be all five of us? And we totally bailed on you on that? I'm sorry!

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