JP: Is there any way you make your bus feel like home? Brian, I know you travel with your family.

Brian: We have our family come out and visit us. I have a 7-year-old son—he's going to be 8 in November. Life is going by extremely fast for us when you see your son grow up and kind of take to the entertainment business. And traveling the world. He's very well-educated. He's very open about seeing things and experiencing things. You see the world in a new light through a child's eyes. I think it's a lot of fun. We have our families come out with us. Howie's married. He has a little baby boy that's 1 1/2 now, James. So I think that wherever we are together...I tell my wife all the time wherever we are together, that's where home is. If it's in Ontario, Canada or Chicago, we're on a tour bus. Wherever we are together, that's where home is. [Fake cry]



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