You're an Oscar®-winning designer, and you have a home line now. How do you balance work and being a mom?
Catherine: Sometimes it's very difficult and you feel one side is suffering and I feel like I just have simple rules for myself. Every night, I try and get the kids off to school in the morning, and every night, even if I have to go back to work after they've gone to bed, I always have time to sit down and have dinner with them.

It's not always an idyllic picture. Sometimes it's screaming and complaining about what I served for dinner and you do think to yourself, "Hmm...can someone explain to me why I rushed home from work, felt enormous guilt about my deadline tomorrow and now listened to 3-year-old scream about why they don't like brussels sprouts or whatever?"

But I was brought up having an evening meal with my family every night. ... It's a nice thing to see from my parents that even though it's a struggle some nights, that sitting down and eating together and sharing the day is a very important thing.

As [my children] have gotten older, it's gotten more and more pleasant and they bring their own stories of their days to the table and we all get to share. So I try to keep these rhythmical constants that I suppose become our family traditions and the kids know that happens in a cycle every day. If you keep those kind of patterns, children feel secure and they feel included, and I'm genuinely interested.

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