How have your children added to the story?
Catherine: They make the story less self-important. ... Your children remind you every single day that you're only as good as the mother that's picking up the underpants or putting the socks in the drawer.

You're brought right back to it, and in this incredible time of financial change, where everyone, including myself—I absolutely include myself in this—where we've all defined ourselves by the things we have, we're going to have to start thinking a bit more about what we do and say. About the stories we tell, about the engagement with other people because when you can't amuse yourself just by buying another handbag. You have to find another kind of pastime, and that often involves sitting in a room with other people talking or making food at home.

The only thing you really are is your story, and you better make it a good one. You better invest in being proud of what you've done, not what you've bought.


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