Together, you and your husband have put out marvelous films. How did your collaboration begin, and how do you work so well together?
Catherine: We met in the workplace 20 years ago, and Baz likes to describe it as a conversation that started 20 years ago and we've kept talking. And those conversation can be extremely heated, argumentative, passionate, amusing—they run the full gamut.

And yes, when you work and you live together, there are heightened tensions because the stakes, in a way, are higher because whatever's going on in your professional life has some affect on your personal life. But on the other hand, because we've been doing it for 20 years, we've gotten quite skilled at carving out personal time and about being sensitive. But as much as there's a temptation to leap out from behind a lamp at home and try to get a costume approved at 12:30 at night because you have to get it on the machines first thing in the morning, you have to learn that's inappropriate use of personal space.

The overriding positive, through good times and bad, we share a story. ... Baz is the storyteller in our family and I am a storytelling helper, and I love my job and amso committed to that path in my life. And what's wonderful is that not only do you get to make stories that end up on the stage or on screen, but you end up making a story in life and being able to share that story. And for me that's sort of progressed. We now share two kids who form part of that story, who are wonderfully refreshing.


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