Ashton says he uses his Twitter feed for various purposes, from posting pictures to raising awareness.

"My life is somewhat on display anyway, and not always by choice. … So instead of [the tabloids] publishing pictures and videos I don't like, I can publish videos and pictures myself that are already preapproved," he says. "On top of that, you can really rally people around different causes. We've been working with Malaria No More to put an end to malaria."

World Malaria Day is April 25, 2009, and Ashton is encouraging his Twitter followers to donate mosquito nets to African countries and join the malaria elimination effort. To help the cause, Oprah says she's donating 20,000 nets!

Ashton says Twitter has also given him the power to respond to reports in the tabloids about him, his wife, Demi Moore, and his family. "If there's a fallacy that's out in some magazine or some blogger has written about, you can actually respond to it in a genuine way, directly with your fans," he says.


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