Ashton, an avid Twitterer, joins Oprah and her panel via Skype™ to talk about some exciting developments on Twitter. On April 13, 2009, Ashton started making headlines after challenging CNN to a contest of sorts.

At the time, Ashton had 842,550 people following his Twitter feed, while CNN had 897,969 followers.

"I didn't realize there were that many people following," he said in a YouTube video. "That's kind of crazy."

Then, Ashton threw down the gauntlet. He asked Internet users to sign up for Twitter and help him beat CNN to the 1 million mark. "If I beat CNN to a million followers, I will literally go and ding-dong ditch Ted Turner's house while I'm in Atlanta," he said. "I will video it, and I will post the video of me ding-dong ditching Ted Turner's house."


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