The Twitterverse boasts many notable users, including Ellen DeGeneres, Shaquille O'Neal, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Gayle King and Ali Wentworth's husband, ABC News correspondent George Stephanopoulos .

Just months after Oprah joined Facebook , a popular social networking website, she's jumping on the Twitter bandwagon! "It's too cool," she says.

Check out Oprah's Twitter page!

Some of Oprah's famous friends are already posting on her page, including Ali's husband. George writes in to ask Oprah to take care of his wife, who has a head cold. Shaquille also woke up early to send Oprah one of her first tweets!

Ellen tweets to ask why Oprah's online instead of working on their O magazine cover !

While the cameras roll, Oprah attempts to send a tweet of her own. What's her first post? "ASHTON KUTCHER IS NEXT!" Then she writes, "HI TWITTERS. THANK YOU FOR A WARM WELCOME. FEELING REALLY 21st CENTURY."


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