: Let's talk about the writing. What's that process like for you?   

SM: It's a very interesting process, and I take it very seriously. The first thing I tell people is, a lot of people talk about how easy it is to write music and write a song when you're emotionally inspired, but when you can write the same quality of song when you're not emotionally inspired, that's when you know you're making some headway into the world of songwriting.   

The music I write for myself obviously is of that pop-rock singer/songwriter genre, but I also have written in many different genres. I've had to become very good at keeping them separate so you wouldn't know the same Scott wrote this punk song that wrote, that's the same Scott as wrote this pop song, because it's very easy for those boundaries to blur, but I've been able to maintain the differences and to really get a point where I can write not only for myself but for other people as well.  


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