: One last, and very important, question. You body drum?   

SM: I do.   

SR: I've seen a little body drumming...   

SM: You haven't seen body drumming like this!   

SR: I bet!   

SM: The top 36 video, with me and Megan actually, if you watch the very end, there is body drumming. And they did a good job at mic-ing it, and it sounds like a drum set with the base drum, and the snare drum, and the toms, and the high hat, and the symbols. The crash symbols sometimes I do with my voice, but everything else, the high hat, symbol, toms, snare, base and everything is done on my chest and stomach, and it actually is different than some body drumming you maybe have heard.   

SR: How does one get into body drumming?   

SM: I've always been a very rhythmic person; I've played drums since I was about 7 years old. Obviously, I wasn't able to be around the drums a lot and being a rhythmic person and loving music as I do, I had to find something else to drum on.   

SR: Plus, you know, it's portable.   

SM: Body drumming is way more portable. And as the years went on, I got into it just because you can do it when you're standing there. It provides a great beat to write by, and as the years went on, my body drumming got a lot more complicated to where it actually sounds like a pretty crazy drummer.  

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