BD: Another Megan Joy trademark—your tattoos. Any plans to add to the collection?

MJ: Yeah, absolutely. I have one in mind that I am going to be getting. I have a luck ring that I got right before trying out, and it has a bird on it and it says, "fly lightly." and it has just been my motto throughout all of this, and I am going to get that tattooed on me. I just recently had [one] tattooed on my hands ... that says, "It's in our hands," and the other one says, "It always was."

BD: Looking back, do you have any regrets?

MJ: Nah—I think that everyone's path or faith, whatever you want to call it, is going to roll out how it [should]. Everyone took their place in the order like they were supposed to: Kris [Allen was] meant to win, and I was meant for ninth.

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