BD: You seem to have a pretty eclectic taste in music. What is currently on your iPod?

MJ: On my iPod right now, pressed on pause, is Emiliana Torrini. I [was] just introduced to her. ... It's beautiful, kind of strange music I guess you would say. But I listen to everything. The only thing I really don't listen to is country. I love it and respect it, [but] it just isn't something I listen to. I [do] like death metal—Cradle of Filth or Gwar—silly, screaming music with ridiculous lyrics. But I just think it is fun to head bang and jump around. 

BD: So, any plans to make a death metal album of your own?

MJ: I doubt it—I don''t think the death metal fans would accept me into their world! I want to make a bluegrass album, a jazz album and an album directed toward girls in junior high because I think they need help in this day and age! As I am making that music, I [also] want to model and act as much as I can.


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