Megan Joy is a true example of not judging a book by its cover—or, in this case, a singer by her tattoos! This Utah native and mother of one brought a new style of quirky soulfulness to the American Idol stage. Megan sits down with the Screening Room to talk about her signature dance moves and love of death metal.

Bradford Dworak:
How big of an impact has American Idol had on your life?

Megan Joy: It made me realize I can do anything I want, and it has just been incredible.

BD: During your first audition, Simon said you were one of his favorites. Did you expect that initial response from him?

MJ: No, not at all. Coming from never making anything, I couldn't imagine making American Idol past Round 1. So each milestone—each audition I passed—I was just blown out of my mind.


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