: Okay, we're dying to know, what's playing on your iPod?   

MG: The Cure, Music Soulchild, Paulo Nutini, and let's see, there's a band called Black Cats who I really like, and yeah, I got the new David Cook video, of course. And a little bit of Katy Perry action going on.  

SR: We heard a rumor that you are a huge Disney fan. True?   

MG: Yeah, I love it.   

SR: I think that's awesome that a guy can man-up and be like, "I'm down with Disney."   

MG: I think it came from my parents taking me on a lot of trips to the Disney park, so I'm a huge Disney fan. I'm kind of like a collector. It's a little embarrassing, but yeah, I like Disney.   

SR: So, if you could spend a day off, what would you want to do?   

MG: Well, I've been in L.A. for a while. I'd love to go to Disneyland out here, obviously, and I'd love to go to the beach. I'd definitely love to just drive out, maybe to the desert or something, like get away from everything.

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