BD: What is more stressful—being a mom or an American Idol contestant?

LR: I would have to say being a mom of three. Because Idol, you know, I could kind of deal. The reason I can deal with Idol like I can right now and how I'm taking it and it's not really just bothering me too much is because I am used to being on my feet. I am used to, at the drop of a hat, having to go take care of something. My son is 2, and I just have to make sure he can't find any water, because he loves water. I don't care if it's in the toilet, wherever it might be, he's in it!

BD: Has anything changed with motherhood for you since leaving the show?

LR: After I left after the show, I didn't have a break. I went straight home, I went right back into mama duties and wife duties so, you know, I would have to say I would take Idol as being a bit lighter than the mom of three.


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