BD: After the tour, do you plan on releasing an album?

LR: Definitely! I want to first of all get a record deal so that I can go ahead and start putting an album [out], and I want to go into the R&B and even pop genre of music because I feel that's where my background lies. A lot of my family sings and my granddad actually played for B.B. King, so I grew up around music and I grew up with the soulful sound—the soulful feel of music. I'm really ready to bring back that older feel of music.

BD: Are there any artists in particular you hope to emulate and bring back?

LR: I am really ready to bring back some of the sounds of Marvin Gaye and some of the sounds of even the Supremes. I feel like now we have kind of gotten off into this genre where all the music has all this bass in it. [I want to do] the kind of music that you can feel in your soul, the kind of music you hear and it doesn't go away within a week.


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