BD: You got to do quite a few performances on the Idol stage. What was your favorite performance of the competition?

LR: I had two actually. It was my first one, "Be Without You." The reason it was so memorable was because that performance really launched me into the Top 13. I just had so much fun, you know? It was my first time being on that stage, and I didn't know exactly what was going happen with America voting and everything. And when I got voted through to the next round, it was a great feeling, it was surreal feeling. I was excited. And then the second performance for me, it was more "I Surrender," because that song touched me, you know? It really touched home for me.

BD: Speaking of home—what do your kids think of this whole American Idol experience? Can they quite grasp what Mommy is going through?

LR: My 5-year-old understands a bit more than my 4-year-old and my 2-year-old. I call them every day and try to talk to them and just assure them that I am following my dream and this career is going to set us up as a family. They understand a bit more, and the thing is…although I don't feel they fully understand exactly what's going on, they know that they're proud of me.


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