BD: One of the most important parts for contestants is song choice. Did you feel the pressure to get it right?

LR: I got to the point where I started picking songs that I thought [the judges] would like, or America would like more, so songs that I like and that I love and I feel—that's where I kind of fell off a bit. I got confused at a point because I didn't know exactly what [the judges] wanted anymore because they were switching up on me.

BD: Yeah, it did seem like they gave you different advice each week.

LR: At one point, they told me, "You know you need to slow it down so we can hear that big voice," And then when I slowed it down, it was like, "Okay, so you know you should speed it up a bit or make sure you're not singing too high." And then if I come too low, they said, "Why didn't you sing in your high register?" They went back and forth. It was like no matter what I did it wasn't pleasing them, so I just got to the point where I was like, "Well, as long as America is continuing to vote for me, I am not even going to worry about it."


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