This R&B songstress showed America that you can be a mother of three and an Idol. Top 7 contestant Lil Rounds sits down with's Screening Room to talk motherhood, newfound opportunities and why she'll never give up on her dreams.
Bradford Dworak: What did your journey on American Idol mean to you?

Lil Rounds: Well, the experience all within itself has been absolutely great. It's opened my eyes to a lot as far as the music industry, because before I did Idol, I never worked with any voice coaches. I knew a little bit about the music industry, but not as much as I know now.

BD: Did you get the chance to perform a lot before you graced the Idol stage?

LR: Really, the most that I did would be singing in my church, and there [were] some times where I would do a concert or a solo at a different church or something like that. That was about it. … Nothing nearly as big as American Idol—having an audience the size of American Idol? Nothing near that.


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