BD: So are you interested in pursuing a career in the gospel/Christian music market?

DG: I don't plan on doing Christian music at this point. I don't want to exclude anyone out of my music, but the music I want to do, I am looking at two ways. The area I want to do first, I want to do a fusion: a Latin, soul, R&B fusion. That's what I see myself in. I've also been entertaining the idea of doing very, very, very modern, contemporary country.

BD: Country! That is pretty surprising. Do you have anything else on your iPod that might surprise your fans?

DG: A lot of people know that I am into salsa, merengue. I listen to everything. On the iPod, I have this group called Family Force 5—it's like heavy-metal rock with '80s beats. It's really weird. You gotta listen to them. They do some pretty cool things.


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