: Okay, so tell us, what's playing in your iPod?

AD: Let me go to my recently played. Okay, I have the Lonely Island thing from Saturday Night Live, called "I'm on a Boat," featuring T-Pain, that's the last thing I listened to. A new Rick Ross song called "Maybach Music."Beyoncé, "Halo." "Knock You Down," Keri Hilson. "Kiss Me Through the Phone," Soulja Boy.

I feel like I haven't gotten the chance to listen to new music in a long time. I feel like I'm listening to music, pop music, on an entirely different level now because I'm hearing what they're doing to make themselves sound a certain way and what the production value on a song is. You can sort of tell where they cut and pasted, and you can tell that their engineer or their producer said, "Why don't you try it like this?"

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