How did you deal with the stress of the competition?   

AI: The funny thing was that we were so busy that we wouldn’t even realize it. We’d just be like "Oh my god, okay we’ve got to do this, then this, then that, then wake up in the morning and practice and do this." So we didn’t even realize how stressed out and tired we were; we were just in the zone, and we’d be like going with the flow. And it’s every nerve-racking each week going on the stage before we perform. I’d usually view me being nervous as like a boost. Like I’m nervous, but I’ve got to go up there and just have fun or something. Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s a whirlwind.   

SR: It seemed like you all got along very well.  
AI: Yeah, and that was even the best part, you know. We got along; we had no negative energy. We never had that one person that would just be out of the group or something. And we were all just together all of the time, and we were just like a family. 


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