Speaking of which, there have been lots of rumors about you floating around in the tabloids. One tidbit that came up in my research I'd like to hit head on... are you really a fan of Gossip Girl

AL: I love Gossip Girl! I was at the Young Hollywood Awards and Ed Westwick was sitting right by me, and I was like, "Oh my god, it's Chuck Bass!"
SS: Nice. Okay, back to business. You have the  American Idol tour coming up. Excited?

AL: I'm super excited. I just left rehearsal a few minutes ago. A little sneak preview: We're doing a David Bowie medley as a closing part of my set. It's so fresh. Three different songs. We're kind of adding very modern touches to them so that they feel relevant, like 2009 interpretations of Bowie. I think people are really going to enjoy that. I'm excited. I'm singing ["Slow Ride"], the duet with Allison  on the tour every night. She is awesome, and I love sharing the stage with her. I'm excited to connect with the audiences that didn't get to come see the show live. There's something lost in translation between you and the audiences at home through the camera. I'm glad we were able to connect how we did, but nothing compares to how it is live. Live is a whole different world.


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