Okay, Adam, there are a lot of Lambert fans out here that need a little consoling after the finale. Any words to make us feel better?

AL: I don't think it really matters. I still get to put out an album. I still got signed to a major label. I got signed to RCA in a partnership with 19 Entertainment. I still get to do what I want to do. Nothing changes that. My whole goal of being on the show was to get some exposure and have a career in the recording industry. My immediate goal was to stay on the show as long as possible, and I did that. I stayed on as long as the show went on. I don't think it's about the title. I think it's about the experience and it's about the connection that I've gotten to make with all the people at home.

I'm so touched by everyone's passion and dedication to voting and supporting me. And, I'm still going to make a really kick ass album. 


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