During the competition, America got to know your family really well. How are they adjusting to this new world? 

KA: They're doing great. I think my family has actually been able to do their jobs now. I think it's been nice for them to get back to their lives and not worry so much about, "Is he going to make it this week?" I think it's nice for them that the show's over. 

SS: I read you played the viola and the ukulele, true or false? 

KA: I have played the ukulele. I played it once. I know very, very little about the ukulele, but I actually grew up playing the viola from 4th grade through high school. 

SS: So you knew early on that music was your thing? 

KA: I don't know if I knew what I wanted to do with it. But my dad was a musician and his dad was a guitar player and singer as well. It ran in their family, so it definitely runs in the family. It's always been there. Music has always been a part of my life.


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