Kris Allen won the hearts of America to become the winner of American Idol—and was honored with his own Disney World parade in return. So what's he going to do now? Chat with Screening Room about his rise to stardom.
Stephanie Snipes: How does it feel to be the American Idol?  

Kris Allen: I feel good. I feel like I've been thrown into the craziest world ever. It's a lot of fun. I'm so excited, seriously. I'm so excited to be here. 

SS: You have gotten to do a lot of cool things after the win. But, performing at the NBA finals? What was that like? 

KA: The Lakers game was one of the weirdest experiences. It was amazing. It really was. I actually had never sung the national anthem, so I was so nervous. I was like: "I can't forget the words. I have to start it right." And then I think I started it too low and I was like, "Crap!"


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