In January 2010, Simon Cowell announced that Season 9 of American Idol will be his last. Having been a contestant on the show, Adam knows firsthand how much the singers and viewers value Simon's opinion...even if it's harsh.

"I think the audience will definitely miss Simon, and I think the contestants will miss out on, like, really honest criticism," he says. "I think that that's important to making you a better performer—you've got to hear the good and the bad. He makes you step your game up and calls you out when it doesn't work. But I also think he's got a very specific taste. There's certain things he's not into. For example, country music. He doesn't like it."

Adam says no matter what, the show will go on. "I think that ultimately after the first couple weeks of auditions, the audience tunes in every week for the contestants."

What advice does Adam have for Idol contestants? Go backstage with Adam and find out! Watch


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