During his performance at the 2009 American Music Awards, Adam sent shock waves across the country by dancing provocatively and making out with a male guitarist. After his sexually charged debut, many networks canceled his television appearances.

Oprah: If you had to do it over, would you do it?

Adam: Yeah, I [would]. There are no regrets for me. I mean, I would sing it a little better.

Oprah: You would do the kiss?

Adam: I would. I think I would do it during dress rehearsal this time so I would allow ABC to decide whether or not they liked it. To be consistent during rehearsal—it's a professionalism thing. It was an oversight.

Oprah: So after all the controversy, there wasn't one moment where you thought, 'Well, maybe...'

Adam: I definitely sat with it, and in hindsight, I can understand, okay, I understand why people were freaked out. I wasn't trying to upset anybody.

At times, Adam says his theatrical training makes him take song lyrics and tone very seriously, which is what happened at the AMAs. "I got carried away into the lyric. The lyric was risqué and frisky, and I got frisky and risqué."


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