How would you spend the perfect day off?

Nicole: Hanging out with my family, with my husband. He has a 1956 Lincoln, and we love to drive around in the Lincoln. I don't mind riding on the back of a Harley as well, even though I'm a mother of three.

Kate: With my family, my son. We'd do everything and nothing, whatever we felt like. I'm looking forward to taking my son to the circus when I get home. We couldn't do it the other day, and he was so disappointed because we got times messed up. And when I go home, I'm taking him to the circus. He's such an imaginative kid, so anything that I get to watch his imagination start to go wild is like my favorite thing in the world to see.

Marion: The perfect day off would be with my friends and family, because I don't have much time with them. It would be, actually, a musical day. [We would] sing and dance. A lot of my friends are musicians. It would be in a house in the country, and we would play music—singing and dancing.


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