What's your favorite meal?

Nicole: I think probably pasta, or when we were in Italy this summer, we had homemade pizzas straight out of the pizza oven. I had a pizza which was ricotta cheese and strawberries, which was amazing. It was just something that has to be experienced. We all thought, "No, we don't want the strawberry pizza." They brought it anyway, and we gobbled it down.

Penelope: I would say a Spanish dish that is called broken eggs. It's done with fried potatoes and fried eggs. There is a trick about how to break the eggs on top of the fries. Also, because I know how to make that one.

Kate: Pasta.

Marion: This is the hardest question, actually. I'll try to stay simple, and maybe I would say, I like Indian food. I like French food. I like Mexican food. I like Japanese food. And I love burgers. My favorite burger…since we are in Chicago, I would say the O'Brien burger on Wells Street. It's a very good one. I had a lot of them when I worked here. And organic food, if everything can be organic…


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