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Established: The Puerto Rican boy band released its first album in 1977.

Fun fact: Once a band member turned 16, or his voice changed, he was contractually obligated to leave the group. Band founder Edgardo Diaz wanted to constantly keep the group young.

Past members: More than 30 members came and went between 1977 and 2009. Notables include: Ricky Martin, Abel Talamentez, Robi Draco Rosa, Rene Farrait, Johnny Lozada, Xavier Serbia, Miguel Cancel, Ricky Melendez, Rawy Torres, Angelo Garcia, Charlie Masso, Ray Reyes and Chris Moy.

Biggest hits: "No te Reprimas," "A Volar," "Subete A Mi Moto," "Hold Me," "Claridad," "Like a Cannonball." 

Best lyric: "I just want you to / Hold me, let me show you / How love can make our dreams come true / Let me hold you / And I'll give you all that you'll ever need / Please just believe me."

The end: Menudo called it quits in 1997, and a spin-off band, MDO, launched the same year. In 2007, MTV aired the reality series Making Menudo to start a new generation of the band. Five teens were chosen, but they disbanded in 2009.

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