wood pallet bedframe

Photo: Jaime Morrison Curtis, Pretty Prudent

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A Much-Prettier-Than-Metal Mattress Frame

Project Time: 2 days

Key Steps: Lay two pallets side-by-side and attach the bases together by drilling holes in the sides of the frame that touch each other so that ¾-inch bolts can be inserted through the holes. Screw casters into all four corners of the bed frame as well as in the dead center to keep it balanced. If you are going to use this as outdoor furniture, like Jaime Morrison Curtis, the co-author of Pretty Prudent Home did, coat the wood with polyurethane to protect it from weather damage. Once it's dry, assemble your desired size pipe and flange to create armrests on each end of the bed.

Don't Forget: A standard twin mattress is 39 by 75 inches, but brands differ by a few inches, so make sure you measure the mattress before you buy the pallets. Typically, the size of a pallet is 48 by 40 inches. In this case, to fit a twin-size mattress, you'll need to trim the 48-inch side, which is the side that gets bolted together, to 40 inches. The end result should be a mattress frame that's 40 by 80 inches, which gives you enough room to add the pipe armrests.