Ombre sofa

Photo: Chibi Moku/Martin Kobus, Inc.

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Take a Dip into Ombre
If you really want a dramatic change, dip-dye a slipcover for a watercolor effect that will transform your sofa into a statement piece, Wingard says. Similar colors—such as navy dye on a blue slipcover—are a more subtle way to try the trend, but the real key to this look is making sure your cover fits tightly over the sofa, as if it were a second skin. (A loose, wrinkly fit will remind you of your college dorm room.) Your best bet? "Check with your local tailor or dress shop—they can custom-make one," he says.

If dying the fabric seems like too much work, you can always buy an ombre fabric, which is what designer Martin Kobus did when he created this blue-to-white number for a home in San Francisco.