Photo: Drew Ebbing

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Why it works: In lieu of traditional wallpaper, this printed mural (based on a 19th-century street map) wraps around an office waiting area. We chose a mural available at Great Wall in Ferndale, Michigan, but added street names in red for an unexpected pop of color.

Other option: Sailing charts

How to try it: This idea can easily be translated for a child's bedroom (with sports figures) or a family room (with iconic buildings from around the world). This is a good option for a specific or hard-to-fit space.

One last thing: Printed murals aren't inexpensive, but for a similar effect, you could layer sailing charts—which are more affordable and typically large enough to cover a lot of wall space.

Libby Follis and Drew Ebbing founded Gifted Interiors Ltd in 1988 in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.

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