OUT WITH (MOST OF) THE WINTER. Even if you’ve got a large closet, out-of-season items add unnecessary clutter and distraction. Take a weekend to pack away the bulkiest articles—heavy sweaters, woolen pants, furry vests—that aren’t layer- or spring-friendly, but hold on to a select few pieces—a lightweight blazer, colorful cashmere cardigans—for cooler days. If you’ve got space in an attic, basement, or spare bedroom for storage, consider investing in a zip-up wardrobe that can act as its own portable closet. Dealing with closer quarters? Underbed boxes with lids are an out-of-the-way, dust-free solution.

FILE BY STYLE. With the remaining items, aim to hang as many pieces as possible (including jewelry) to keep them in eye-view. Arrange clothing by type (button-downs, tees, tanks) and then color, so you’ll know exactly where to find what you need at any given time.

This is also a good opportunity to weed out any flimsy or broken hangers, a task that will extend the life of your wardrobe and give your closet a fresh, unified feel. Try sturdy curved hangers that work with shirts and pants, and multi-use hangers for neat, at-a-glance storage of belts, ties, scarves, and shawls. Pin small jewelry items to a board inside your closet door, and use an attractive towel rack with hooks to keep necklaces untangled and accessible.

SHELF LIFE. From out-of-season accessories like knit beanies and gloves to in-season essentials like your floppy fedora, a border of high shelves around the room lets you make the most of wall space while creating an interesting and artful display. Line up your best-looking hats and heeled shoes, or stow them away in colorful lidded boxes that add personality to your space.

BEST FOOT FORWARD. It’s time to give those furry lace-ups and rich burgundy heels the boot...until next year at least. Like you did with your clothing, sort through any seasonally inappropriate footwear to minimize unnecessary searching during the AM rush. Store winter and fall shoes in clear plastic boxes on a high shelf in the closet or even in a separate shelving unit. Keep everyday favorites (like those spring galoshes) at the ready but sleekly out of sight with a discreet shoe cabinet or storage bench near the entry way.

EXIT STRATEGY. A smart organization system near your most frequently used outside door will not only ensure you’ll always have an umbrella handy for rainy spring days, it will keep you from getting stalled inside all year ‘round.

Must-haves include a medium-sized mirror for last-minute hair and makeup checks, a wall rail or hooks to hold purses and small items like keys, lanyards, and sunglasses, and a coat rack that has space below to hold umbrellas . Just remember that your organization system is only as good as your organizing habits—so use it to drop on your way in what you’ll need on your way out.